Drama Grants

Drama/Arts Grants 
Art IconThere was, again, early and ongoing support for children and young people both to attend and to take part in dramatic performances and support of special visits as, for example, the Royal Shakespeare Company. Emphasis has tended to move in the more recent period and in 1986 ‘Drama appreciation’ as a category for aid was widened to ‘Performing Arts appreciation’. Grants have been made, as the budget above indicates, to Suffolk Dance, and in 1991 assistance was given to participants in a study visit of performing arts students to Berlin.

Help granted

  • for travel costs in attending a London theatre school
  • for attending a National Youth Theatre Summer School in London
  • for costs on two occasions of visits to Barcelona to study Catalan art and culture
  • for attending a Suffolk Dance Summer School
  • for attending a Royal Ballet School Summer School
  • for cost of art materials for a Suffolk College Art and Design course
  • for cost of art and photographic materials for a course at the Norwich School of Art and Design
  • for cost of ballet shoes for a student at the Royal Ballet School for final year costs of attendance at the Ballet Rambert School

(this last ballet student must have been another source of special satisfaction to the Governors. She presented a very impressive CV of study results and public dance performances and had been selected to join the National Youth Dance Company)