Application for Financial Assistance

Pintable and e-mail version

Please return this form to:

The Northgate Foundation,
PO Box 1137,
Suffolk IP1 9DH

Please Complete all sections of this form

Proof of eligibility

No grant will be released unless proof of financial eligibility has been provided. You must include one of the following:

  • Proof that your child receives Free School Meals; or
  • A copy of working tax credit statement showing family income less than £23,000, or
  • a copy of a letter or document relating to one of the other qualifying benefits.

Deadlines for applications

Applications must be received by:

  • the Friday before the October half term holiday
  • the Friday before the February half term holiday
  • the Friday before the May half term holiday

Application received after these dates will automatically be deferred to the next half term.

If this application arises from activities at a school or college, Part B of this form must be completed. Requests for School/College/University equipment/materials/uniform, Part B does not need to be completed.